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Design studio for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Wardrobes, Livingrooms

We are the design specialists


Our Services

  • Consultation only , of existing architectural plans

  • Design only

  • Design and supply

  • Design and project management


Creative talent


Attention to detail

About Us

5 Rooms is a professional design studio founded by Valentin Tinc. Tinc has more than 30 years experience in all aspects of Kitchen, Bathroom , Furniture design, Art , finishes etc. He taught for 9 years at Interior Design schools in New Zealand and Melbourne.  He won few design awards, wrote several books on kitchen design and runs a school for kitchen designers. 

Tinc is one of the most versatile designers, due to his extensive education in art and design. He can swing swiftly between styles, whether industrial, Hampton, minimalist or shaker. He has worked with reputable kitchen companies from Melbourne and he designed more than 1500 kitchens to date. 

Here is one of the latest comments from his clients:

“Valentin – thank you very much.

The kitchen was installed this week and we would just like to thank you for your design work - we are delighted with the outcome and can clearly see your design expertise in how it looks.” Peter V, Park Orchard, Melbourne


Recent Projects

Why Us?

We know Melbourne joinery market, better than anyone else. Melbourne has some high quality  manufacturers, but there is a lack of very good designers.  There are typically 3 categories of joinery companies:

-Manufacturers only. These companies work on plans done by architects, designers, builders etc. They do not provide design service.

-One man band or  small manufacturers, where the owner is the designer, manager, cabinet maker, check measure. Most of these small manufacturers use a cad software and the design they provide will come straight from the library of that particular software

-Kitchen designer companies. These companies are generally well established, have showrooms and work with several designers. These companies will send the designer out, chat with the client, generate plans and quotation and close the deal.  Some are manufacturers themselves, some outsource the cabinetry from elsewhere.


How do you become a designer in Melbourne?


The kitchen designer is also the cabinet maker 

There is a big advantage in knowing how the kitchen is built, what can and can’t be done, and the finishes and hardware available. Most cabinet makers use cad programs such as Cabmaster, Cabinet Vison,  Quisine, Cadpro etc. The software has a significant database of cabinets, handles and benchtops so you can simply drag and drop them into your designed floor plan easily. Reaching a decently designed kitchen isn’t hard, but  that only covers the planning, not designing. It is one thing to know what materials to use, it is a completely other thing to know how it should be used for creating a functional space.


A  person who worked for the same cabinet maker for long

This person grew up with the company and could have been in administration, or the check measurer, or simply a relative. They learnt all they know from observation and their colleagues and are trying their best at kitchen planning and designing without any formal training or experience. 


The kitchen designer has a background in sales

There are many companies that will advertise kitchen designer jobs, emphasising ‘sales’. A ‘salesperson’ with design abilities:” all training supplied”. What that company tries to do is to use the sales knowledge of that candidate for selling kitchens. But there is more to selling kitchens than just using a funnel selling technique or the gift of the gab. At the end of the day, the kitchen has to work without anyone having to convince the clients.


The kitchen designer has a background in architecture

They have spatial understanding, 3D representation, and rendering skills. But what we have noticed throughout the years is that the architects tend to pay less attention to their client’s domestic needs regarding storage, bench space and drawers and focus more on the design. Design is great but focusing on creating a statement piece fit for a magazine cover rather than what a client actually wants or needs will not generate the satisfaction and usability that a good kitchen needs to have.


As you can see, kitchen designers and planners come from far and wide backgrounds, hence their expertise vary greatly.


Best of both worlds

Valentin Tinc of 5 Rooms  has starting designing kitchens in 1991, has a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Design, taught design for 9 years at various universities, wrote several books on kitchen design, runs a school for kitchen designers and informs himself constantly with latest trends , finishes, accessories available on the market. He has an unique experience among the designers from Melbourne. Because his experience , we are able to offer a high quality service, employ valuable expertise and knowledge into the designs we produce. With us you are in a winning situation: you will get high quality designs and we will recommend the best manufacturers.


Firstly, I want to say that our kitchen looks amazing. I am very happy with the design, the colours and the way it has transformed our whole room. Valentin, thank you so much for your design, its works well from a functional level as well as an aesthetic one. -Karen, North Melbourne
Thank you very much. The kitchen was installed this week and we would just like to thank you for your design work - we are delighted with the outcome and can clearly see your design expertise in how it looks.-Peter W., Park Orchard
 Firstly, your design looks great and we are very pleased - so thank you. Paul C., Donvale
We are very grateful to you for the design ideas and details that you put together for us.  Thank you. Bill R, Hampton
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