Client brief was simple and clear: "We want to feel  like we are in a luxury hotel bathroom "


A funky warehouse conversion, with a luxurious -industrial  design kitchen. The plans where originally designed by Winter architecture and 5rooms adapted  them to manufacturers abilities. The redesign and project management took 8 month in preparation and execution, involving more than 20 suppliers and manufacturers.


Another project in collaboration with Winter Architecture who designed the house and the joinery. 5rooms adjusted the plans and adapted them for manufacturing: kitchen, livingroom, study nook, wardrobes, vanities.


This project involved complete two bedroom apartment renovation, design and project magament: kitchen, bathroom, livingroom lining walls with hidden laundry, new flooring, new lighting, painting


This cutting edge kitchen is the result of a very close collaboration with the client, and it is a great example of client-led design. 


The clients moved to Australia recently, and wanted a kitchen that reminded them Dutch kitchen design in solid timber.


Client purchased this Torrak property and made some major renovations in order to adapt the house to his family needs. The kitchen was moved for this reason into a different part of the house and that allowed the kitchen to become a design statement.


This kitchen took months of planning and a significant number of emails and meetings with the client. Client had a strong vision, that was refined over and over until we reach this grand outcome.

"We have a mid century house and wanted a kitchen which did justice to the era. After trying a couple of other companies, we tracked down designer Valentin (he had done a fabulous kitchen for us in our old house). He spoke highly of Grandview so we trusted him and decided to proceed. Well, we are so glad that we did!


Firstly, Valentin's design was exceptional - he managed to incorporate modern design, while remaining sympathetic to the house. He was very attentive and in tune to our ideas and took time and consideration with every element of the design. He understood that we didn't want just another cookie-cutter kitchen and his bold creativity has taken our kitchen to a level we couldn't have imagined. He managed to incorporate practicality into a unique design. My favourite quote from him was when I was deciding on sinks. I asked if we should have a sink without a drainer as it "looked better". His response was, "Do you always use a drainer?" I said yes. Then he said "Sometimes you like to wear high heeled shoes because they look good but there are days when you should wear your flat shoes as they are more practical". So I got the drainer, and I am so thankful that I did!

Manny and  Paul K.

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